Robotics and Automation Engineering is an interdisciplinary area of engineering deals with the design and development of machines and robots that can manipulate and automate robotic control actions. It gives students an introduction to the fields of robot building, design, application, and operation. Recent advancements in the field of robotics have ushered in a new era of technology and a plethora of job opportunities. Robotics engineers typically work on the design of the models, assemble, test, and maintain the computer programmes that run the robots. Robotic engineers are in the forefront of designing, testing, and constructing robots that are efficient, secure, and simple to acquire and maintain.
It introduces students to the domains of construction, design, application, and operation of robots. Recent developments in the field of robotics have helped in bringing forth a new era of technology and myriad career opportunities.
The job role of robotics engineers usually includes working on the design of the models, assembling, testing machines, and maintaining the software that controls them. Robotic engineers are responsible for planning, testing, and building robots that are profitable, safe, and also easy to buy and maintain.

Career Opportunities
  • Robotics design and programming
  • Industrial automation
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Agriculture engineering
  • Aerospace engineering and defence sectors
  • Autonomous systems and Vehicles
  • Core electronics industry
  • Software development (ROS programming)
  • Biomedical equipment industries
  • Gaming Industry
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Manufacturing and Production Engineering
  • Sensors and Embedded Systems

e-Yantra is a robotics outreach program funded by the Ministry of Education and hosted at IIT Bombay. The goal is to harness the talent of young engineers to solve problems using technology across a variety of domains such as: agriculture, manufacturing, defence, home, smart-city maintenance and service industries.
KMEA e-Yantra was established in June 2021. Through e-Yantra, students are trained to participate in various robotics projects nationally and abroad. Also, numerous socially relevant robotics projects are under development.