Department of Electrical and electronics engineering


  • Real Time Monitoring of Crop Health- Mayuri Grace and Team
  • Portable Camera based assistive product label reading for blind and visually impaired individuals – Abinabi V A & Team
  • Gesture controlled Home automation for paralysed – Sreekanth P S & Team
  • Bacteria Powered paper battery – Rahiyanath T A
  • Smart electric stove powered by Solar photo-voltaic energy – Mohammed Nasif & Team
  • Vertical axis wind turbine – Fidha Farhan E H, Nezla N A, Saliha C Y
  • Anti Rigging Voting System – Fathima Noura, Arun V B, Sreelakshmi R
  • Smart Helmet – Ajmal M A, Athul Antony V A, Shahrasmon N M
  • Smart Distibution Board – Mohammed Sahal, Bijoy Varghese
  • To interpret sign language for deaf and dumb – Athul K S, Gautham Krishna, Jees Henry, K B Nirmal
  • Smart lighting system – Muhammed Arif Abdulla, Souravjith V S, Varghese Rinoy P T
  • Third eye for blind – Augustine Biju, Usman K S, Vishak V
  • Electricity Generating Fitness Equipment – Alphin Robert, Husain K R,Sabir T S and Nabeel M H
  • Waste Heat Recovery for Power Generation in IC engines – Ameer V S, Deepa K S, Harfaz P N and Shilpa K Satheesh.