KMEA Innovation Council (KIC)

KMEA engineering college through KMEA Innovation Cell (KIC) has taken steps to inculcate the incubation and start-up mantra among students and faculties by aligning with various state and central government programs over the years. There is a dedicated start-up space in the campus, which has history of incubating few companies who has flown out with flying colours.
It is the vision of KIC to inculcate the incubation start-up practices among students, through their academic calendar, making them nurture their ideas, bring them to conceptual stage, promote funding through various schemes and programs, while encouraging them to transform to a start-up through incubation.
KIC has recently frames the KIC policy, which is in line with National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP) which is dedicated framework aligned by Government of India, implemented through MHRD and AICTE. We hope the NISP policy of KIC shall accelerate the programs while falling in line with the Central and State objectives to nurture student ideas and transform them to start-ups.


  • To streamline the activities under the KIC for value addition towards IIC and ARIIA ranking
  • To understand, evaluate and disseminate objectives framed under each KIC entity so that the objectives may be equally shared and supplemented, while not contradicting each other.
  • To work in alignment with National objectives under the NISP program, while excel in contribution towards IIC and ARIIA each academic year.
  • To disseminate information at each level in the college, working towards common goal, while passing information to students and faculty so that innovation and start-up culture may be inculcated though concentrated efforts.
  • To evaluate the performance of each entity in KIC, to do a mapping between efforts and outcomes on a regular basis.
  • To equip students to test, fail and then correct their ideas so that they are made industry ready to leave the campus.
  • To be a guiding light in the society, where the institution exist, addressing socioeconomic, women empowerment, environmental and gender neutrality issues.
  • Be the framework for students and faculties to develop their ideas, while identifying the support programs and initiatives by the Government at state and central levels.

KIC Co-ordinator:

Dr. Sangeetha C P


Dr. Sajith T A
Dr. Paulose Paulose
Dr. Faseela C K
Dr. BijiChinamma Thomas
Mr. Binish M C
Mr. Rajeesh R Pillai
Mr. Rijul M
Ms. Fazna Nazim
Ms. Abeera V P
Ms. Shaila C K
Ms. Jasna A Azeez
Ms. Shahina M S
Ms. Shikha U S

Entities in KIC

Central Level

  • Institution’s Innovation Cell (IIC)
  • ATAL Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements(ARIIA)

State Level

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)
  • Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC)

KMEA Level

  • Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR Cell)
  • Electronics Incubation Centre
  • e-Yantra Robotics and Embedded Systems Lab