To be recognized as a prominent mechanical engineering program in the state, this is the first choice for the best students and the place of choice for the best faculty, which aims to be the best Department for pursuing research and education to produce leaders of tomorrow and also a group of highly successful alumni who contribute to the profession in the global society.


To mould mechanical engineers who are able to work in and add value to a variety of industries by developing their knowledge, qualities and skill, which helps these young engineers to progress to top level management. To share the department’s vast knowledge and experience with industry and society as a whole.


To be employed as a practicing engineer in various fields such as design, research, development, testing, manufacturing, operations and service systems and to be able to assume positions of leadership and responsibility within an organization.


Job opportunities for Mechanical engineers are widely available across the globe. There is always scope of growth and exposure in the field of Mechanical Engineering. According to reports, the growth in this industry is such that within the next few years, mechanical engineering will be the highest paid career option.