The B.Tech graduates from Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) will demonstrate

PO1. The ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Computing, Drawing and Engineering in solving problems related to Electronics and Communication.

PO2. A strong understanding of the all the electronic devices incorporating both analog and digital circuits and components.

PO3. Great skill in using the hardware and software tools to design, analyze and interpret results on different problems in the area of Electronics and Communication.

PO4. Good knowledge and skill in use of different microcontrollers and microprocessors, digital signal processors, FPGAs, computer programming, etc for designing models for real time applications.

PO5. A strong desire to take up projects related to electrical and electronics implementations, develop application programs related to modelling, simulation, instrumentation and control of engineering systems.

PO6. The ability to communicate and be proficient in English language.

PO7. Better participation as members in various professional bodies and department association activities.

PO8. An understanding on the importance of resource management and develop techniques for sustained use of the available resources and devise new methods for utilization of clean, renewable energy.

PO9. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

PO10. Capability of excelling through self-education and understanding the value of gaining knowledge.

PO11. Eagerness to pursue higher studies or appear for competitive exams in related fields.


To provide an environment for multifaceted education rooted in science and updated technology. To support research and development leading to benchmarking and innovations in the field of electronics and communication. Ensure that students focus on developing competencies to assimilate and complement the virtues of   the society.


To become a centre of academic excellence to develop technical leaders who can meet the challenges for the betterment of industry, society and the nation.