Dear Students,

KMEA Engineering College has always been active in Social Service.

Abdullah bin Farhan of 3 years old was undergoing treatment for blood cancer for more than 6 months. 4 chemotherapy have been completed and the doctors have suggested to do the bone marrow transplantation as soon as possible. It requires stem cells to do the same. A perfect donor for stem cell could be found only after taking more than 2 lakh samples. The doctors have not found a perfect donor for Abdullah yet. So KMEA NSS Unit 226 in association with Dathri have organised a stem cell donation camp on July 31st of 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm in the KMEA Engineering College, Edathala. All are requested to actively participate in the camp and make it a grant success so that we can help the little boy Abdullah.

1) Any one of age 18 to 50 could donate stem cells and there is no Risk

2) Stem cell could only be donated if there is a match which was very Rare like one in 2 lakh

3) So come lets join our hands for the life of Abdulla, let us also bring our parents,relatives and everyone we know to hope for the Miracle





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