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+91 7902929294 /5 /6 [email protected]

Innovation Council


Innovative ideas projects and Startups-KMEA initiatives


KIC Is an apex body to control all innovation works in KMEA –


IIC (institutions Innovation Council, MIC- GOVT of India)

ARIIA (Atal Ranking Of Institutions On Innovation Achievements,MIC- GOVT of India),

 IEDC (KSUM, Kerala State Startup Mission)

 EDC (Entrepreneur Development Cell – DIC)

SDPK(Skills Delivery Platform of Kerala, Govt Of Kerala)

 K-DISK(Kerala Development & Innovation Strategy Council (K-DISC)), KMEA Innovation cell are under the KMEA innovation council. The activities are

  1. Planning and control activities of all the above establishments
  2. Design and implementation of short term courses suitable for boosting start-ups.

Co-ordinator Dr Benny Joseph

Members-     Mr Muhammed  Ismail

                        Mr Anoop KN

                        Mr Ajmal (placements)

                        AND Student coordinators


UNDER GOVT. of India

MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource Development Of India)

  1. IIC (institutions Innovation Council)-

This is established by , MIC- GOVT of India for establish innovative and startup ecosystem in the campus. We have to follow the activity calendar given by MIC. We will be rated by  MIC based on our performance.

President –       Dr Benny Joseph

Members-          Mr Anoop

And student coordinators

3.ARIIA (Atal Ranking Of Institutions On Innovation Achievements)

It is established by, MIC- GOVT of India for ranking educational institutions based on innovative and startup activities organized by the institution. We upload all the activities happened by our college.

Coordinator – Dr Benny Joseph

Members –        Anoop

And student coordinators


UNDER Govt of Kerala

4.IEDC-  KSUM (Kerala State Startup Mission

IEDC is conducting different innovative and start-up activities to enable students to start a start-ups. These activities are funded by start-up mission.

Officer in charge- Mr Muhammed  Ismail

and student coordinators.

5.EDC(Entrepreneur Development Cell)

EDC (Entrepreneur Development Cell is established by  DIC Govt of Kerala

to organise and conduct various activities to boost start-up ecosystem in the campus.

Office in charge -Mr Rejeesh

and student coordinators

6.Electronic Incubator (Electronic Startup incubator).

 This is a facility established by DIC to perform student’s ideation and prototype development.

Office in charge – Mr Ajmal

And student coordinators

7.SDPK(Skills Delivery Platform of Kerala)

This is established by Govt.of Kerala for improving skill levels of students in our college. They are establishing skill delivery platforms to link 150 colleges under KTU.They will conduct various short term skill courses.

Nodel officer- Dr Benny

8.K-DISK(Kerala Development & Innovation Strategy Council (K-DISC))

Nodel officer-Dr Benny

For Provide opportunities for our institution & students to collaborate with canters of excellence, research institutes, government & corporates in solving some of the everyday problems faced by societies & the nation.

9.KMEA Innovation cell

Planning and implementations of innovative projects, exhibitions, innovative competitions etc of KMEA is by the KMEA Innovation cell. It

Coordinator- Dr Benny Joseph


  1. Innovative projects
  2. School programs etc…