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Electronics Technology Incubation Centre

Electronics Technology Incubation Centre

A State-of-the-art Incubation centre has been established to nurture the new ventures in the area of Electronics. The Incubation centre focuses on supporting the start-ups in the areas of Embedded system & Micro systems. Electronics Incubation centre of KMEA is the first of its kind and joint venture of KMEA Engineering college and the District Industries centre, Government of Kerala. The centre aims at fostering innovative research and Entrepreneurial activities in technology and engineering based areas. It provides a suitable platform to start up project for Entrepreneurs and top convert their innovative ideas into high quality student project works.



Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular as its potential is realised. It is a partnership between two people (mentor and mentee) normally working in a similar field or sharing similar experiences. It is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

Entrepreneurial Promotion /Awareness Programs

As attitudes and cultural references take shape at an early age, education can play a major part in successfully addressing the entrepreneurial challenge. Education should therefore develop awareness of entrepreneurship from an early age.

Introducing young people to entrepreneurship develops their initiative and helps them to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake and to act in a socially responsible way. For this reason we are devoting special attention to entrepreneurship training, with a view to encouraging our young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future. Entrepreneurship is a skill that is also useful in both personal and social aspects of everyday life.
Internship Program for students:


The goal of Intern-ship is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to the students to make them industry ready. The program deals with the topics of innovation, technology transfer, industry analysis, and competitive strategy. The program introduces some fundamental concepts from accounting, finance, marketing, and management, but it does not attempt to substitute for any business courses in these areas.

Technical Training

Technical training is the process of teaching individuals how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs. Training include technology applications, products, sales and service tactics, and more. Technical skills are job-specific as opposed to soft skills, which are transferable. Technical training enhances the skill set of an individual that are needed when working in a company to complete various tasks and activities. Students or Individuals can complete technical training before entering the workforce or engage in training at their place of employment, depending on the options available.

The time, energy and money invested in technical training can provide significant career and earning benefits for individuals, and can improve productivity for companies. Rapid changes in technology result in a continuous need for employees with the knowledge and skills to make new and evolving technologies provide value to the organization. Individuals who stay on top of technological advancements through training and certification programs can experience greater career opportunities than those who do not continuously develop their knowledge.