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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

The department of Electronics and Instrumentation began functioning in the year 2002. The department is having an annual intake of 60. Till date 8 batches of students have passed out with flying colors. We are equipped to produce socially committed engineers and have made several achievements in the field of technical education.

Our students have bagged several ranks in the M G University examinations and have proved their strengths in co- curricular activities. A large number of students are placed in refineries & automation industries around the globe, R&D department of public and private sector companies and in Indian defense services.

The department is enriched with well qualified, committed and experienced faculty members. The student staff ratio is 1:12. Students conduct programs under the banner of EISA once in every month. The association activity provides the members, an opportunity to plan and organize technical events effectively. A number of faculties in the department are life members of ISOI. The ISOI student chapter in the college functions in association with ISOI Kochi chapter which gives the students amble opportunity to interact with industry.

Department Objective

The objective of the Department is to offer students the right kind of exposure to technical education and provide them ample opportunity to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios.

  • Graduates will have a sound knowledge of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. Branch will give opportunities to learn multidisciplinary subjects.
  • Graduates will be able to establish successful career in instrumentation and control industries, Research organizations and educational institutions or shall persue higher studies.

The department strives to enrich professionals of high competancy in the area of instrumentation engineering and mould them to adopt the crux of matter in the field of automation.

  • To impart technical knowledge and hands on experience, leadership and managerial skills to meet the current industrial social needs.
  • To create passion for learning and foster innovation by nurturing talents towards serving the society with high moral, ethical and professional standards.
  • To enrich the knowledge and skills of faculty through continous learning.
  • To impart quality education with through understanding of basic concepts.
  • To promote and facilitate the students to engage in research endeavors through lifelong learning.

As part of association activity department of electronics and instrumentation engineering conducted a technical talk on “Recent trends in instrumentation and automation by Smt. Manjusha S , AGM FEDO instrumentation on 13/03/19.The talk was very much interesting and informative and gave awarness about present scenario of instrumentation system.

The department library has got a large number of books and back up volumes of the previous year’s seminar / project reports for student’s reference. To bridge the gap between industry and academic sector students are trained in all sorts of automation and control software like MATLab,PLC,SCADA and LabView.  
As a part of department activities,EI department conducted a work shop for S2 and S4 students on March 10th  2020 . The session was handled by Mr.Maneesh , embedded course director United NDT, Ernakulam.The students got a hands on workshop on PCB designing and robotics.

2.Scintilla' LED WORKSHOP
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Department conducted  One day LED workshop on 17/10/2019 for S1 and S3 students.They are familiarized with making of  Bulb and stars circuits using LED. The Session was handled by Mr,Anil Kumar S,Electronic Instructor,VHSE dept, Kollam.
3.Department of Electronics and Instrumentation conducted Project competetion “zraddhA”
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation conducted Project competetion “zraddhA” 2019 on 13/03/19 at instrumentation lab.Students from various polytechnic colleges participated and winners were awarded cash prizes. students from cherthala polytechnic bag 1st prize for their project titled “multipurpose rescuier” and koratty poly technic college won 2nd prize for their project titled “smart ration shop”.
4.Hands on workshop on PLC based industrial automation
Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Organised a three days training programme on “PLC based industrial automation” on 19/03/19 to 21/03/19 .The purpose of this workshop was to provide an awareness about current scenario of automation in the field of industrial instrumentation.The hands on session help the students to build experience on programming on SCADA and different PLC's.It makes the students to think of different practical aspects of industrial automation.
5.Seminar on changes in industrial instrumentation
A seminar on industrial instrumentation was conducted on 14/02/2019 was organised by department for s4,s6 and s8 students.The session was handled by Mr.Gopala Krishnan S.B,Managing Director GRAPHENE automation.The students felt the importance of instrumentation and job opportunities in the corresponding field.

A start up company is developed by 2017 pass out students named FISA Fire Fighting System Pvt Limited. The team members are Arjun P,Raj Mohan,Akhil Devassykutty and Alwin Vishak.

The Society of Instrumentation professionals was established in the year 1970, with head quarters at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Today it has six chapters at Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dehradun,Pune and cochin. It strives to act as a link between academic institutions and the instrumentation industry, by organising several programs. It also conducts programs for students and working professionals in the form of short term courses, symposia and topical reviews.

“COST EFFECTIVE 3D PRINTER FROM DVD DRIVE “ done by Sajlu Rahman C.M and Muhammed Eesa V.A under the guidence of Rashida Hameed (Asst.professor, EIE department).

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. 3D printing enables you to produce shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. It all starts with the creation of a 3D model in your computer. This digital design is for instance a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file. A 3D model is either created from the ground up with 3D modeling software or based on data generated with a 3D scanner. With a 3D scanner you’re able to create a digital copy of an object.

  • SHEEJA D.S : implementation of intelligent control strategy for permanent magnet synchronous motors
  • DIVYA P.V : 1) blind channel shortening for MIMO OFDM system using zero padding and eigen decomposition approach. 2) A dual polarized wideband probe for near field antenna measurement
  • RASHIDA HAMEED : multikernel online learning for noise cancellation with specification
  • MANJUSHA T.S : wireless ECG monitoring system with patient location
  • MANSY M MUHAMMED : full rate SFBC and code division multiplexing in BICM-OFDM system