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Basic Science

Department of Basic Science

The Department, which has been an integral part of the College ever since its inception offering instruction in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to students of the various core branches of engineering, is devoted to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles. The academic programs of this department are designed to meet the requirements of the fast-growing technology. The Department offers several educational programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The overriding objectives of these programs are,
  • To inform and motivate students to study the fundamental aspects of science and its applications
  • To teach Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for U.G. programmes
  •  To enable the students to analyse and apply mathematical and scientific techniques in engineering technology
  • To encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering 
First year B.Tech students are introduced to the world of science and engineering through programs that engage them in various activities under the effective guidance of the faculty. The Department of Basic Sciences caters for the analytic requirements of the B.Tech.
The Department of Basic Sciences comprises 12 full time faculty members, of whom six are in Mathematics, two in Physics,two in Chemistry,one in Economics and one in English. One of our faculty hold doctoral degree and PhD guideship. He is guiding students for PhD research in solar cells. While continuing service to other departments, the faculty of the department also coordinate research works of the college in the field of science and technology.one of our faculty is a known resource person in solar P V in Kerala who is approved by ANERT. He is also consultant in solar energy area. One of our faculty is coordinate all project works and seminar in our college.one of our faculty is coordinate all start-up registration with innovative ideas as he is the coordinator KMEA innovation council. He is the president of institute innovation council established by govt of India . The Department of Basic Science boasts of an up to date English Communication to increase proficiency in English language to cope up with the cut throat competition in the job market. As a part of English language teaching life skills are imparted enabiling the students to improve their marketability and employability. The Language Laboratory is now well equipped with 50 computers with software packages for training the students. The Language Laboratory is very helpful in language teaching as well as developing interactive and group communication skills in an effective manner. The Department of Basic Science has a special mission to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research in different areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that will address the future needs of the society. The Department promotes collaboration among the faculty as well as other institutions, industry and government departments. The research activities of the department focus on the following areas:
  • Graph theory
  • Applicable Analysis
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Rough topological spaces- a combination of topology and rough set theory
Chemistry and Physics
  • Metal nanoparticle-dispersed dendritic hyperbranched polymers and their application in biomedical field
  • Thin film: Preparation, characterization and properties
  • Organic Solar cell- Preparation, characterization and properties
  • Perovskite solar cell- Preparation, characterization and properties