The Engineering Physics laboratory is well equipped with modern & advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various important areas of physics like optics, mechanics, electronics & electricity. The laboratory of Engineering Physics brings the student into contact with activity in several technical subjects like Optics, mechanics, circuit analysis and so on. which drives the students to various technical areas.


The Chemistry Lab has been set up to enable the students to acquire knowledge in the concepts of chemistry for engineering applications and to familiarize the students with different application oriented topics like new generation engineering materials, storage devices, different instrumental methods etc. All experiments have been planned in cycles so that any individual student can conduct single experiments independently, provided with complete reagent racks. The laboratory is fully equipped with various instruments, glassware and chemicals for conducting experiments like Acid-Base Titrations, Complexometric Titrations, Colorimetry ,water analysis,pHmetry etc.


 The department provides a language lab for the students to enrich their communication competence. It also aims to maintain good linguistic proficiency through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.