Department of Civil Engineering

The B-Tech programme in Civil Engineering at KMEA Engineering College has been offered since 2008 and The M.Tech programme (Computer Aided Structural Engineering) since 2012. The department aims at providing the best guidance, facilities and opportunities to develop the outlook, personality and technical skills of the students to cater the needs of the society and be the makers of the world. Our students are the future ambassadors around the world.

Civil engineers are problem solvers, meeting the challenges of pollution, traffic congestion, drinking water and energy needs, urban redevelopment and community planning. The next decades will be the most creative, demanding, and rewarding of times for Civil engineers. Amongst all branches of engineering, the range and application of civil engineering is the broadest and the most visible.

 The faculty includes post graduates in Civil Engineering from prestigious Institutions like IITs and NITs. The annual intake is 120 for under graduate programme and 24 for post graduate programme. The program also entertains a lateral entry for Diploma holders as per AICTE norms in the 3rd semester.


To develop the outlook, personality and technical skills of the students to cater the needs of the society and be the makers of the world



 M.Tech. Computer Aided Structural Engineering

Computer Aided Structural Engineering deals with the application of software for structural analysis and design. The software are STAAD, STRAP, PRIMAVERA, ANSYS,SAP and NISA .The objective of the post graduate course is to introduce the various types of software in structural analysis. In the project work, the students are encouraged to work on specific application areas involving design as applied to industries and construction.

Lab Facilities available:

  • Civil Workshop: Conducts Masonry works, Study of water supply and sanitary fittings and Study of surveying instruments.The workshop has a good collection of chains, tapes,compass ,plane table and minor instruments.

  • Survey Laboratory: The survey lab has a good collection of Transit theodolites, electronic theodolite, dumpy levels, engineering chains, measuring tapes, plane table, prismatic compass and total station

  • Material Testing Laboratory-I: The machineries of the lab includes Universal testing Machine, Impact testing machine, Brinell Hardness Tester, Spring testing machine, Torsion testing machine and other related accessories such as digital gauge, vernier calipers, Digital stop watches,Mechanical Extensometer with standard accessories, Double shear attachment for UTM etc.

  • Hydraulics Laboratory: The machineries of the lab includes Centrifugal Pump , Pelton Wheel Turbine , Francis Turbine, Multistage Pump , Kaplan Turbine, Jet Pump , Hydraulic Ram , Venturi Meter, Orifice Meter , Rectangular Notch , Triangular Notch , Pipe Friction Apparatus , Orifice Tank, Time of Emptying Apparatus , Metacentric Height Apparatus

  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory: This laboratory has equipment for testing the properties of soil both in field and lab. The test can be conducted to determine the index properties, particle size distribution, shear parameters and consolidation characteristics of soil.

  • Material Testing Laboratory-II.: This lab is equipped with instruments for testing properties of building materials – Abrasion tests, Crushing, & Impact tests on aggregates. Some of the equipments available in the lab are compression testing machines, UTM, flexural testing machine and those for testing the properties of fresh concrete and cement.

  • Computing Techniques and Application Laboratory: The lab has got the latest computers enabling the students to do advanced projects in software development related to civil engineering. The centre is also having internet connection and possesses a number of standard design and analysis software packages. The software are AUTOCAD, STAAD ,STRAP,PRIMAVERA, ANSYS ,SAP and NISA.

  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory: All tests for Highway construction like Aggregates, Subgrade, Bitumen can be tested here. The test that can be done are Bitumen tests, California bearing ratio test, and other tests. The equipments include Marshall Equipment, CBR, Viscometer and bitumen extractor.

  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory:. All tests for water quality can be done in this lab. The equipments available are Nephlometric Turbidimeter, DO meter, nephelometer, and pH Meter ..