At 21, Akshay Krishnan, a B Tech student of the KMEA Engineering College has become the youngest stem cell donor in Kerala. He is also the fourth donor from the state and the 62nd in the country. Akshay donated stem cells through a simple procedure at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi on Wednesday and saved the life of a 29-year-old leukemia patient in Bengaluru who will remain unknown to him and the rest of the world as per the ethical practice followed in stem cell donation. Akshay, who participated in a stem cell drive for young Sachin Sijoy along with hundreds of other students at KMEA Engineering College on April 3, was happy to learn a couple of month ago that he turned out to be a genetic match for a patient in Bengaluru.“His was a 10/10 match and he readily agreed to donate,” said Eby Sam John, one of the three other donors from Kerala who is now working as a coordinator of Datri, the NGO which maintains a registry of willing stem cell donors. Akshay’s mother, a higher secondary school teacher, also encouraged her son’s humanitarian gesture.